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Temple Terrain

Here are the first two pictures we have taken of the actual terrain models, fresh out of the box. These are only the first two in what will be a series of figurative symmetrical pillars, plus you can see some of the plain pillar sections, these will come in various pillar styles, both pristine and ruined. They will be available in our online store after our kick starter has come to an end. or you can get them cheaper by supporting our kick starter campaign. Check out the images below for wip of the second pillar set. the pillar shown in the images is 8.5cm tall, or 10cm with the capital placed ontop.


temple terrain

Temple Terrain

These are the prototypes for the new Temple terrain system. The first in a series of sculpted pillars. Standing roughly 10cm tall with capitals, taller if you wish to add column sections.

Each pillar is sold as a symetrical pair, to mirror each other across a colonade.

terrain preview 4 This is a preview for the second pillar, shes a bride with a veil, something not easy to depict, but we feel it works quite well.

Damaged versions laying smashed on the floor will also be available to create horizontal cover.
terrain preview 2

The columns will also be sold as a set of bases, capitals and column sections. build yourself as many columns as you want.

Floor sections are also being considered but we are looking into manufacturing issues before we give a definate yes or on on these.

Currently we are manufacturing these in Herculite hard casting powder, in a sandstone colour, so you can use them straight from the box.